About The Brizzi Brothers

Twin brothers paul and gaetan brizzi were born into an italian family in 1951 yet raised in paris, where they studied at the ecole nationale supérieure des arts decoratifs.  They brought together their passions for fine art and cinema when they decided to become animation directors.

In 1974, their first short un was acclaimed by the critics and perceived as a revelation of the genre by the press.  Winners of the ministry of french culture's prestigious "prix de rome" in 1976, they were invited to reside in rome for two years at the villa medici to direct their second short fracture, winner of several awards at european festivals of animation.

Their third short was nominated for a french "cesar" (the equivalent of the american oscar).  Paul and gaetan then founded their own animation production studio which they ran until 1984, all the while continuing to pursue their personal art.

Paul and gaetan's reputation encouraged roman polanski to contact them to draw the storyboards for his movie pirates.  The twins then directed their first feature movie asterix et la surprise de cesar, an adaptation of the beloved french comic book by uderzo.  In 1986, they launched brizzi films and produced animated tv shows.  The ministry of french culture decorated them with the title of "chevaliers de l’ordre des arts et des lettres" a most prestigious honor that france attributes to its best artists every year.